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Under Standing the Complexities of Specifying LED Fixtures

Understanding the Complexities of Specifying LED Fixtures
Specifying LED Luminaires today is a process that matches the disruptive nature of LED Technology in its complexity and increased level of knowledge. The days of HID "Bulb in a Box" products that were relatively easy to compare are gone. The Specifier needs to have a deeper understanding of the electrical and physical attributes of LEDs in order to provide the professional level of service that is commensurate with their project responsibilities. 

Topics Covered:
  • Effect of heat on LED Performance - How TM-21 is calculated
  • Key LED Fixture specification features needed to create long life and improved lumen depreciation
  • Light Loss Factor (LLF) - How to use L70 ratings for comparative calculated lighting levels for LED fixtures
There are several indicators found in LED Luminaire specifications and observable physical fixture attributes that can be used to ascertain a reasonable light output performance and life rating, that will be explained in our presentation available for review here. The performance characteristics of LEDs and the effect of heat management, fixture construction, driver attributes, and environmental sealing will be discussed. Current methodologies for determining performance using the Energy Star TM-21 Calculator will be explored in detail and linked to the LED Luminaire specifications. The goal is to provide the Specifier with an understandable set of guidelines to select quality LED Luminaires that match project design criteria. 
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