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Big China Highbays - Can Low Price Produce Durability ?

Big China Highbays - 
Can Low Price Produce Durability?
The US lighting market is being inundated with Chinese companies offering LED highbays at amazingly low prices. Companies are offering container quantity 150-200W LED highbays to replace 400W MH fixtures for less than $100 each.
DuraGuard has developed guidelines to help specifiers determine the features of LED light fixtures necessary for long life and minimal light loss over time. LEDs require thoughtful product engineering to build fixtures that will last several years under normal service conditions. Most Big China highbays available at these low prices simply cannot last due to extreme cost reduction measures that affect engineering performance.
The table below illustrates the effects of these extreme cost reduction measures on LED performance based on our presentation " Understanding the Complexities of Specifying LED Luminaires".
Overall, when considering the potential costs associated with the need for additional fixtures, the likelihood that the published performance will not represent the installed output, the potential for multiple fixture replacements due to failed drivers and LEDs, and the lack of warranty support, we believe that quality US based highbay products are a far better choice. 
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